About the Studio

We are a customer centric business; we strive to always push the envelope, delivering great creative work that doesn’t just effectively represent our clients’ visions and personalities, but also works that exceed personal expectations.

Skill sets.

Graphic Design / Advertising / Branding / Packaging / Photography / 
Web Design / Display Styling / Copywriting


Hailing as the underdogs of the advertising industry, 3ad rounds up as a band of uniquely diverse creative villains: dedicated, intelligent, dynamic, full of ideas and always up for some action.

Founder and 
Account Director 

- Alvin Lim


With brains, braun and a, gargantuan stature to match, Alvin is the catalyst behind all our projects. Having had over a decade of advertising and design knowledge under his belt, he is quick witted and lighting fast on his feet, tackling problems quicker than you can say, “Help”. But do not be fooled, beneath this tough exterior is a tender and nurturing interior, always keeping our bellies well fed and happy. (But who knows? He might just be fattening us up for a more sinister undertaking.)

Co-Founder and
Creative Director  

- Bon


Mysterious and unassuming, Bon utters little to none. A lot like a ghost, you will see him lurking on the interweb till the wee hours of the night, replying emails from his dark corner in the office. Nevertheless, he never ceases to astonish with his pinpoint accuracy in execution and design, as well as his keen eye for detail.

Co-Founder and
Design Director

- Sean


Resident Coffee Connoisseur Sean is a well-nurtured individual who strives on quality not only with coffee but also with his designs. A master of his craft and an excellent leader, he is adored by all in the agency. The only kink we have with Sean is his failure to purchase a razor.